CADELE is the HR consultant firm of MEOGROUP, a group of consulting firms.
The complementarity of the offers of our firms (professions or market) is a source of attractiveness for MEOGROUP both with its employees and with its partners, clients and candidates.


As a Human Resources consultant firm, we are firmly oriented towards the satisfaction of our collaborators, our clients and our candidates. Our team does everything they possibly can to ensure the best experience for everyone.



Théophile WILBOIS

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Operational consulting firm that supports its clients in the management of their projects and transformations.

Human Resources Consulting Firm

Transition Management Consulting Firm

Consulting firm for architecture and maintenance project management in the luxury, retail, real estate and leisure sectors

Consulting firm in performance and transformation of agricultural and agro-industrial companies

Operational consulting firm in the optimization, financing and rationalization of indirect purchases


We claim our capital, sector, financial and commercial independence.
We guarantee our clients a relationship based on trust and transparency.
We are characterised by our reactivity, our proximity, our agility and our creativity.
CADELE knows how to put together its trades to bring targeted and complete solutions.



Fulfilled employees (Social and Economic Committee, bonuses, profit sharing, integration seminars, involvement of consultants in internal projects),
A secure and sustainable employment (monitoring of consultants on assignment, training, career paths),
Equality advocated and defended (action plans to maintain parity and gender equality, programmes to promote the employment of senior employees and establishment of a “Handicap Mission”),
Signature of the Diversity Charter.


A loyal, fair and honest treatment of our suppliers and consultants,
Committed suppliers, respectful of the eight fundamental conventions of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and validated by the Provigis platform,
The working conditions and the physical, mental and social well-being of our employees at the heart of our concerns (right to disconnect, work from home charter, road prevention and awareness raising),
Sponsorship (“4 sailors full of energy” team, team during the 4L Trophy, Rallye des Gazelles team, distribution of the apprenticeship tax, rounding of salary in partnership with MicroDON) and associative partnership (Le Rameau).


Efficient energy consumption (automatic standby of devices and lights, power cut, air conditioning and other electrical devices at the end of the day and on weekends),
An efficient economy of natural resources (selective sorting, “zero paper” approach, recycling of electronic devices, distribution of reusable goods),
A fight against pollution (travel by public transport and carpooling recommended, working from home facilitated).


A evolutionary and perpetual commitment (regular evaluation of our CSR performance thanks to the EcoVadis platform, which certifies the quality of our services as a supplier),
Human rights respected and protected (adherence to the 10 principles of the UN pact),
Guaranteed protection of personal data (launch in 2018 of our compliance process),
A fight against corruption led by all our employees.